Requirements For Admission

To qualify for post-treatment services, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Alcohol and drug free for five (5) days

  • Completed a short-term treatment program in the past year

  • Willing to comply with the Terms of Residency

  • Have a current addictions assessment 

How to Apply

Application Criteria 

  • 18 years of age or older at the time of admission

  • You have a confirmed residential treatment date, or you have confirmed dates to complete the required assessments to apply for residential treatment

  • If you have not attended a residential treatment program within the last 12 months your application will be considered pre-treatment 

  • You are free from any substance use at the time of admission

  • You agree to attend a withdrawal management Program (detox) for up to 5 days prior to your admission if you have used substances prior to admission; or if you test positive for drug or alcohol use at the time of admission

  • You have made arrangements for child care if you are approved for service,  

  • You have made arrangements for transportation if you are arriving from outside of Thunder Bay

  • You do not have outstanding charges or court appearances that may result in a period of incarceration

  • You have provided a copy of current probation or parole conditions, or you are able to provide this at the time of admission

  • You are not taking any medication that is not allowed on-site (narcotics, benzodiazepines or sedative-hypnotic medications)

Application Form


Once your application is received you and/or your referent will be contacted by the Intake Worker.  At that time a intake interview will be arranged or you will be informed if additional information is required.


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