“What to say about Crossroads, where to start?  Crossroads was the turning point in my life for my addiction.  Treatment is good, but Crossroads really cements in your mind what you have to accomplish in your life to stay sober.  Staff and the programs at Crossroads are exemplary in every way.  I can’t say enough good things about it.  There are not enough good words to describe how good it is.  CROSSROADS ROCKS! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” 

 I want to thank my Counsellor for standing by my side

She helped me from feeling like I wanted to hide


Crossroads has made me who I am today

They save my life in every which way


Thank you for believing in me when no one else would

You taught me to love myself when I didn’t think I could


Because of you I can now make it on my own

I’m now able to live in my own home


So thank you all for all your have done

You taught me so much and you made it fun” 

"In the past 38 years of my 51 years of life I’ve been an active drug and alcohol user and abuser. As a result of my addictive lifestyle I have been to many different jails, hospitals, institutions and near death, (in a coma on life support). I have attempted recovery at different places over 7 times. I finally reached my “jumping off” point where a simple choice needed to be made. Change my life or commit suicide. I was down to those two options.

I came to Crossroads Centre in Thunder Bay, Ontario as a last resort; it has turned out to be my best option.

Crossroads is situated at a central location in Port Arthur, Thunder Bay. The building is a renovated public school which exhibits a mix between an institution and a comfortable retreat. It has a residential capacity for up to 25 men and 15 women respectively. The residents’ ages range from 18 years to seniors and everyone is in a supportive stage of recovery.

While at Crossroads I’ve found some pertinent attributes in recovery like time for reflection and recuperation, and guidance and direction from insightful staff.

Crossroads offers a routine life consisting of daily chores and group programming. The knowledgeable and experienced staff focus your recovery on mindfulness skills, personal responsibility, stress management, relapse prevention, life skills and a variety of recreational activities both on and off-site. The programming has a holistic approach offering concepts from several outlooks of recovery. I have personally learned many transferrable skills and adopted tools that I can take with me in my transition back into society and an independent life.

You will also find plenty of time available for your own personal interests and self-care while at Crossroads. The food is prepared daily by an experienced cook. The facility is very clean and spacious offering TV lounges, group rooms, visiting rooms, as well as a gymnasium for physical games and exercise.

Crossroads employs a versatile staff of caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable professionals and support people that you will find extremely open and approachable at any time for any reason. They are like-minded individuals that can teach you how to accept direction and help from others, and how to re-connect with all of life on a personal and spiritual level.

If you have finally reached your “jumping off” point or are simply “sick and tired of being sick and tired”, Crossroads is an absolute promising option to try. When you can admit that you have no idea how to live a healthy life and can not “fit in” anymore, anywhere… you may be ready to be teachable. Crossroads has the teachers that want to help you find peace."

 “I'm grateful this place exists and that I have the option to slowly transition from here if need be"

"Crossroads has been a lifesaver"

"I have and will keep recommending Crossroads to people that I come across that are looking to change and better their lives"

"All staff was welcoming, qualified and supportive"

"I like that Crossroads provides me with a transition plan"


"I would highly recommend Crossroads to anyone dealing with addiction who is looking for help"

"I thoroughly loved and enjoyed my time at Crossroads"


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